Asbury to Host Faith and Science Symposium

Dr. Anthony H. Futerman, a world-renowned author, research scientist and professor of biochemistry at an institute of higher education in Israel, will speak on “The Origins of the Universe and Life” at Asbury University on May 21. The 7 p.m. presentation at the University’s state-of-the-art Miller Center for Communication Arts is free and open to the public.

Dr. Anthony H. Futerman
Dr. Anthony H. Futerman

Futerman has published more than 150 scientific research papers, chapters and letters, and edited two professional books dealing with various aspects of lipid cell biology and biochemistry. Drawing from his experiences as an active research scientist, and as a member of a messianic congregation, Futerman addresses questions related to science and faith, and shows that the approaches of science and faith marvelously complement each other.

“Collaboration between disciplines is a hallmark of the liberal arts, and Asbury has long been a home for both scientific inquiry and theological reflection,” said Asbury University President Sandra Gray. “We are pleased to host Dr. Futerman and are eager to engage a discussion of the ways faith and science complement our understanding of ourselves and creation.”

Futerman brings to the discussion a talent for translating the complexities of science into terms easily understood by those with less technical training by focusing on universal questions.

“Science cannot explain why things are,” he writes in his book, “Science and Faith: Is There a Conflict?” “Faith cannot explain how things work. Is there a conflict? No. Do these approaches complement each other? Yes. Do I sleep well at night being both an active scientist and a person of faith? Absolutely.”

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