Asbury College to offer political science major

By Leah Riley, a senior from Harrodsburg, Ky.
WILMORE, KY—Asbury College announces the addition of a political science major as part of the business, economic and political science department.

The 42-hour major will include 18 hours of core courses that introduce the major fields of the discipline and six hours of electives. Students can choose an 18-hour emphasis among American politics, political philosophy, and international affairs.
As political science majors, students will learn about how human societies organize and govern themselves. The program will focus on the ongoing American experiment in republican, constitutional government; great political thinkers of the western tradition; and other forms of government, international affairs, and political economy.
“I hope the students will receive an extensive knowledge about politics, government institutions, and political ideologies in America, but will also be knowledgeable about major political thinkers over time; the many forms of government besides our own; how nations influence one another; and the historical record of political regimes over time,” said Dr. Steve Clements, chair of the department.
Fourteen new political science courses will be proposed in this program. Some of these courses include: State and Local Politics and Government; History and Politics of the U.S. Constitution; American Political Ideology and Culture; International Relations: Theory and Practice in Influencing Nations; 18th through 20th Century Political Thought; Politics and Public Policy Making; and an Internship in Politics. 
Dr. Clements aspirations for the political science program are to promote leadership opportunities, develop cross-cultural understanding, and provide a mechanism for students to integrate their faith inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Clements says that political science graduates will leave Asbury College, “equipped for employment with businesses or organizations, or continue on to graduate or law school.” The administration has approved the political science major and will offer it to incoming freshmen by fall 2009.    

For more information on this program, contact Dr. Steve Clements.

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