Asbury College among Forbes top colleges and universities

WILMORE, KY—In a recent report by, Asbury College was ranked among the top 5 percent of the nation’s more than 4,000 college campuses around the U.S. In collaboration with the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, ranked the top 15% of U.S. colleges. Asbury College claimed the 213rd spot of 569 schools ranked.

According to their web site, Forbes and CCAP based their ranking upon a student perspective. To gather that information, CCAP attempted to answer these questions about the selected colleges: “How good will my professors be? Will the school help me achieve notable career success? If I have to borrow to pay for college, how deeply will I go into debt? What are the chances I will graduate in four years? Are students and faculty recognized nationally, or even globally?”

CCAP looked at alumni among the Who’s Who in America, professor evaluations on, four-year graduation rates, the number of students and professors receiving national competitive awards and the accumulated student debt over four years.

Regionally, Asbury College was ranked higher than all of Kentucky’s four-year public universities and 6th among the private colleges in the state.

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