Asbury College students gain real-world experience in New York

Communications students received class credit for their New York trip summer 2008.

WILMORE, KY—Asbury College communications students spent a week in New York City learning how top media professionals bring their faith to work.

Nine students in Prof. Peter Kerr’s COM 393 Communications class toured the Big Apple, visiting 60 Minutes with Kevin Tedesco, CBS and NBC studios. They were cheering in the background of “Good Morning America,” met Diane Sawyer and toured Fleishman-Hillard and Ogilvy, world-famous public relations firms.

“The New York trip is an eye-opening experience for students,” said Kerr, who accompanied the group. “This trip gives students a chance to see and interact with professionals who are at the peak of their careers, letting students better imagine themselves doing similar work.”

The group attended lectures presented by MasterMedia Ministries, a Christian media organization, and Donald “D.T.” Slouffman ’97, who won an Emmy for his work as field producer on TNT’s “Inside the NBA.” Kerr believes it is important that students understand the types of ethical dilemmas they may fa

Jumbo screens in Times Square annouce the class visit. The sign reads, "Small college, big opportunities. Students from Asbury College explore PR in the Big Apple with PR Newswire.

ce due to their Christian faith and learn ways to bring their faith into the workplace.

“We frequently discuss how faith is being put into action, and I think students return to Asbury College motivated to get the most not only from their classes, but also from their spiritual education,” Kerr said.

This New York trip places high priority on experiential learning and preparing students for the job market by immersing them in the world of public relations.

“This trip made it possible for me to see how public relations are used ‘out there in the real world,’” said Kevin Shaw, a senior from Lilburn, Ga. “I think this trip is incredibly valuable to any student who wants to go into public relations. It is educational not only about public relations, but also teaches ideas that are useful no matter what you are studying.”

As a result of this trip, students realize that what they are studying is preparing them for the next stage in life.

“My favorite moment is when I’m talking to a student who is in awe of the city and the amazing public relations work that is being done, and then a light goes on and they realize they could be the one doing the job,” Kerr said. “They don’t have to aspire to the position, but I just like to see them come to the realization that they have what it takes to succeed, and I think it gives them confidence for whatever else they decide to do.”

This year’s participants in the annual trip included Alyssa Graves ’11, Kevin Shaw ’09, Lindsay Keyes ’11, Hannah Vallance ’09, Katelyn Auvenshine ’10, Himella Wells ’10, Dustin Burkhart, Paige Greenway ’10 and Laura Perry ’10.

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