Students receive end of the year honors

by Matt Tidman, a senior from Wilmore.

Faculty members in their academic regalia line up outside Hughes Auditorium.

WILMORE, KY—During the Honors Convocation award chapel, April 28, Asbury College took time to salute members of the student body. Awards ranged from academic excellence to servant leadership skills. This years winners were:

•    Shane Smith ’08—Senior Studio Award
•    Wes Wilcox ’08—Art and Faith Award

Behavioral Sciences
•    Robert Coleman ’08—Highest Academic Achievement in Psychology
•    Jennifer Glos ’08—The Lee Fisher PSI CHI Award for Leadership, Service, Excellence and Character
•    Tiffany Walz ’08—The Lee Fisher PSI CHI Award for Leadership, Service, Excellence and Character
•    Sandra Renee Calhoun ’08—Outstanding Academic Achievement in Social Work
•    Kathleen Vanworth ’08—Leadership and Service in Social Work
•    Carolyn Jannene Agee ’08—Outstanding Academic Achievement in Sociology

Bible-Theology and Philosophy
•    Timothy Goodman ’08—Highest Academic Achievement in Bible and Theology
•    Felice Stanton ’08—Highest Academic Achievement in Philosophy

Business and Economics
•    Mark Richard Hebner ’08—Outstanding Senior in Accounting
•    Natalie Marie Curry ’08—Outstanding Senior in Accounting
•    Jared Elliott Odor ’08—Outstanding Senior in Business Management

Christian Ministries and Missions
•    David Daniel Hasz ’08—North American Professors of Christian Education Scholastic Award

Professors Mark Schell (organ) and Ron Holz (trumpet) provided the music for the Honors Convocation.

Communication Arts
•    Will Sears ’08—Applied Communication Academic Excellence Award
•    Michaela Riley ’08—Journalism Academic Excellence Award
•    Heidi Heater ’09—The Chuck Keiser Award for an Outstanding Junior Journalism Major
•    Nathan Kreider ’08—Media Communication Academic Excellence Award
•    Whit Bussey ’08—Cine Golden Eagle Award
•    Clay Hassler ’08—Theatre and Cinema Performance Academic Excellence Award

•    Katherine Marinangeli ’08—Outstanding Achievement in Secondary Education
•    Melissa Waterman ’08—Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Education

Faculty members march into Hughes Auditorium to award the academic honors for the year.

•    Dustin Ford ’08—Outstanding Achievement for a Senior Majoring in English
•    Caitlin Phillips ’08—Outstanding Achievement for a Senior Majoring in English Education
•    Allison Crutcher ’08— Outstanding Achievement for a Senior Majoring in English Education
•    Shane Tracy ’09—Recognition of Excellence in Creative Writing
•    Stephen Bush ’09—Outstanding Achievement in English as a Second Language

Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics
•    Karen Miller ’08—Outstanding HPERA Senior

•    Hannah Elizabeth Armour ’08—Highest Academic Achievement for a Senior Graduating in History
•    Clark Howard Sleeth ’08— Highest Academic Achievement for a Senior Graduating in History
•    Katherine Marinangeli ’08— Academic Achievement for a Senior Graduating in Secondary Education, Major in Social Studies

Mathematics and Computer Science
•    Aaron Iddings ’08— Outstanding Senior in Mathematics

Who's Who award winners are Bethany Lowe, Thaddeus Salmon, Mark Hepner, Felice Stanton, Clay Hassler, Zach Stone, Natalie Curry, Tiffany Walz. Not pictured: Ellen Walters and Frederica Lewis.

•    Chris Hatfield ’08—Ronald G. Welling Servant-Leader Award
•    Thaddeus Salmon ’08—Kenyon Science and Mathematics Award

•    Kristen Reynolds ’08—Outstanding Senior in Music

Natural Sciences
•    Morgan Freeman ’08—Outstanding Senior in Biology
•    Caitlynn Taylor ’08—Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry
•    Caroline Brown ’08—Outstanding Senior in Environmental Science


World Languages
•    Dustin Ford ’08—Outstanding Senior in Classics
•    Hannah Armour ’08—Outstanding Senior in French
•    David Hasz ’08—Outstanding Senior in Spanish

The winners of the Who’s Who Among Students awards were:

•    Natalie Curry ’08
•    Clay Hassler ’08
•    Mark Hepner ’08
•    Frederica Lewis ’08
•    Bethany Lowe ’08
•    Thaddeus Salmon ’08
•    Felice Stanton ’08
•    Zachary Stone ’08
•    Ellen Walters ’08
•    Tiffany Walz ’08

servant leaders.jpg
The Roy Lauter Servant leaders are Laura Galambos, Alyssa Amey, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lauter, Evan Slee, Jennie Hawthorne

The winners of the Roy L. Lauter Servant Leadership Awards were:

•    Alyssa Amey ’09
•    Laura Galambos ’09
•    Jennie Hawthorne ’09
•    Evan Slee ’09

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