Open wide…senior accepted to five dental programs

WILMORE, KY—Senior Adam Hammerlee from Erie, Penn., who will graduate from Asbury College May 11, is preparing for dental school in the fall. Hammerlee’s dental school decision didn’t come easy. After interviewing at five different schools, the biology major was accepted to all five—University of Pittsburgh, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of Buffalo and Temple University.

Ultimately he chose to attend the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine because of its great reputation and proximity to his hometown. The School of Dental Medicine is also highly selective. Of 1,975 applications submitted in 2006-07, only 80 students were accepted.

Hammerlee didn’t get into dental school by himself. “Every teacher that I’ve had at Asbury has been determined and has shown a desire to help me succeed in all of my endeavors,” he said. “The relationships that I have gained with the faculty here are almost impossible at large universities. Whenever I was completely lost on a subject, I would go to one of my professors for help; especially Dr. [Bruce] Branan for Organic Chemistry.”

While his academic course work has been invaluable, Hammerlee’s favorite part of his Asbury College education didn’t come in a classroom or laboratory—it came in weekly Chapel services. “I think that many students take [Chapel] for granted,” he said. “It is a time where the whole student body gets together to worship God. It brings us closer as a student body and as a functional unit. A great benefit of Chapel is that it reminds us to stay spiritual when we can so easily gravitate toward a strict academic mindset while in school.”

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