Senior receives med school fellowship

By Matt Tidman, a senior from Wilmore.

WILMORE, KY—Senior Clark Sleeth of Wilmore, Ky., is the first Asbury College student to receive the University of Kentucky College of Medicine’s Cralle Foundation/Joan Cralle Day fellowship for 2008-2009. The fellowship will award a $15,000 stipend, a tuition scholarship and student health insurance to Sleeth.

The fellowship is a 12-month award named to honor Joan Cralle Day. To be eligible for the award the recipient must be a graduate of one of the 20 four-year independent colleges and universities in Kentucky affiliated with the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities. The recipient must also be applying to or enrolled in their first year of a graduate or professional program at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Bobby Baldridge, professor of biology and chair of the Department of Natural Sciences, said that the department nominated Sleeth and coordinated the application process with him. Baldridge said that Sleeth was selected “because of his exemplary academic record and exceptional humanitarian qualities.”

In February, Sleeth participated in the worldwide Mathematical Contest in Modeling, earning a meritorious or top 15 percent ranking. Five teams participated in the contest that proposes real-world questions for college students to find mathematical solutions. Sleeth’s team tackled solving the efficiencies of healthcare in India. All other Asbury College teams received an honorable mention.

“Our courses provide the opportunity for superior preparation for graduate study,” Baldridge said. “However, the awarding of the fellowship to Clark is more telling about Clark’s commitment to learning than to anything else.”

Sleeth said that the faculty and staff of the College were supportive. He said that the reason he felt that he was selected was because of his academic record, but more importantly because of the letters of recommendation he received from professors and Provost Dr. Jon Kulaga.

Sleeth acknowledged that this was the next step to fulfill his calling as a missionary. He said the College offered him courses that would be useful in his future studies. He also said the College helped other medical school-bound seniors.

“In the past, Asbury has had a really good record with the medical students getting into medical school,” Sleeth said.

This fellowship will support a pre-existing scholarship for the UK College of Medicine.

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