Christian music gets high-definition treatment

Asbury College students created a music video using HD technology.

WILMORE, KY—Asbury College students have created a high-definition (HD) Christian music video, which will premiere at the Highbridge Film Festival on April 26, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. in Hughes Auditorium.

Under the leadership of seniors Ben Greenhoe of Ada, Mich., and Will Adams of Valdosta, Ga., a group of 12 Asbury College students produced, directed, shot and edited the video in the 2007 fall semester outside of their regular class work.

The music video accompanies the song, “You Love Me Anyway,” by Sidewalk Prophets, an emerging Christian band. The team’s work also is among the first Christian music videos to be entirely shot with high-definition technology.

Adams, the director, says he has benefited from the experience to help guide his group of enthusiastic peers.

The music video will premiere at the Highbridge Film Festival, Saturday, April 26.

things “There are few more gratifying than watching a group of your peers get excited about a project that you lead,” Adams said. “Getting to lead that group of people has been one of the highlights of my college career.”

Hoping to be the first students to utilize HD technology to produce a Christian music video, Adams and Greenhoe worked in summer 2007 to prepare production efforts. The pair finished pre-production work before the official shoot on September 29, 2007.

Asbury College students produced, directed, shot and edited the video in the 2007 fall semester outside of their regular class work.

“We are very excited about having gained the experience of shooting in High Definition, leading a team of students, and then having the opportunity to share our work with our peers at the Highbridge Film Festival this year,” said Ben Greenhoe, producer of the project.

As a Highbridge Film Festival entry, the music video will also officially accompany the band’s recent EP release, “You Love Me Anyway,” and will be available for purchase on iTunes this summer.
Other Asbury Colleges students involved include seniors Rob Hess, Thomas Crescenzo, Robert Dunlap, Brittany Beck and Kristen Byler; sophomores Ben Rogers, Jon Cypher and Emily Tackett and freshman Julie Black.

Asbury College students involved in the production of the music video.

The Highbridge Film Festival is part of Asbury’s Engaging Culture Weekend, which is made possible through the Lilly Grant and a number of other generous sponsors and contributors. Professor Greg Bandy and Asbury College Communications Department students are producing the events for the weekend.

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