Sophomore publishes book on creation care

By Morgan Schutters, a sophomore from Berea, Ky.

WILMORE, KY—Emma Sleeth, a sophomore at Asbury College has just published her own book on creation care through Zondervan. Sleeth started writing her book, “It’s Easy Being Green” as her AP English project in high school.

Emma Sleeth

Sleeth considers taking care of the planet a personal responsibility. An English major and aspiring writer, Sleeth wants this book publication to be the first of many.

In the past year, Sleeth went through the whole editing process of her book. She talked with her editor and made sure the tone was right for her intended audience of high school students and youth group students. “A lot of people haven’t grown up with this,” Sleeth said about creation care, “I want to keep it simple and accessible to highschoolers –and give them really practical things that they can do to help our earth for God’s glory.”

Sleeth believes that the problems with the environment are more about a lack of knowledge than apathy. “If my generation knew that there was a problem, I think they would rise to the challenge,” she said. While she’s excited about the publication of her new book, Sleeth isn’t planning to publish anything else anytime soon. Sleeth wants to make the most of her college experience, which includes not being pulled in too many directions at once. “It’s enough being a college student,” she said.

“It’s Easy Being Green” covers many topics of creation care that are applicable to everyday life. Sleeth explains that there are many

It's Easy Being Green cover

adjustments people can make that will save resources.

Sleeth is very grateful and humble through all the hype about her book. Her mother Nancy Sleeth, who teaches English at the College, helps her manage. “I’ve had a few interviews here and there all along, and without my mom, I couldn’t keep up with it all. She tells me who to talk to and when!”

Sleeth has a few speaking engagements planned. She will be going to some of the youth groups in Wilmore when they do their 30-hour famine lock-in and encouraging them to care about the creation in which we live. “I really think and know that highschoolers can make a big difference,” Sleeth said. She is also leading a workshop for a college in North Carolina within the next few months and continues to do interviews with magazines and other publications. This summer she’d really like to promote the book more when she has the time off from college life.

Sleeth’s goals for the book are grounded. “I want to promote awareness. Just knowing what the Bible says about creation and what we can do will help Christians to become more active environmentally. Hopefully when people read the book they will implement a few of the suggestions I give and start living more of a green lifestyle.”

Sleeth is more than excited about her book’s impending release date. She said, “I’m bouncing off the walls! I wake up every morning and tell my roommate how many days until the book is released!”

The book release has affected Sleeth in different ways. “For me, I think it will establish me as a credible speaker, but as far as the environment goes, I hope the book helps people to see that God really loves the world he created and that we’re responsible to take care of it. Hopefully Christian teenagers will take that on and tackle the project.”

Sleeth received a review in the March 3 Publisher's Weekly: Sleeth, now an Asbury College student, is a precocious advocate for environmental issues. She wrote this book when she was just 15. (And, no, she wasn’t homeschooled, if that’s what you’re wondering.) She shares her passion for Jesus and for saving the planet, in roughly that order. Although the book is clearly aimed at teen and young adult readers, Sleeth is skillful enough at sermon illustrations that her anecdotes about babysitting, high school cliques and Mom’s homemade meals help illuminate her points for older readers as well. Pull-out boxes offer concrete suggestions for young Christians who want to go green, but aren’t sure how to go about it. 

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