A "Super Bowl" success

WILMORE, KY—Apparently, Asbury College alumnus Justin Ladd does a better voice over for Justin Timberlake than the pop star himself. Or at least that’s what was determined for a recent Pepsi commercial premiered for the 2008 Super Bowl.

Justin Ladd

Ladd, who works as an assistant producer at Nomad Editing in Santa Monica, Calif., was asked to “fill-in” for Justin Timberlake as his company edited together the commercial. Ladd’s voice was later supposed to be replaced with Timberlake’s. However, when the singer finally recorded his own screams and yells for the commercial, the agents from Pepsi decided that they liked Ladd’s impersonation better than Timberlake’s actual voice.

And so it was. Dubbed the “most watched Super Bowl ever” with 97.5 million viewers, football fans heard Ladd’s voice as Timberlake was thrown into a lake, slammed against a wall, rammed into a mailbox and much more. View the Pepsi Stuff commercial.

Ladd met Timberlake after the decision was made to use Ladd’s voice. “We joked about how I’m a better Justin than Justin.”
The 24-year-old has no plans to go on tour just yet, but would like to continue doing voice work.

Ladd began working for Nomad Editing nine months ago as a temporary receptionist. He has worked himself up to assistant producer working with clients such as Apple Computer on commercials for the iPod, Macbook and Macbook Air. He has met several celebrities and worked for the popular television series “24.”

As an Asbury College student, Ladd majored in film studies. He took advantage of the opportunities the department provided for him to hone his talents and apply the knowledge he gained in the classroom.

He helped broadcast football games for ESPN, worked on a production crew for a pilot pitch for the Discovery Channel and produced a short film for the Highbridge Film Festival. In the film festival, he took the best comedy award both years he entered.

“People in the media department were always there to help each other out,” he said. “That’s something that doesn’t happen very often. You don’t see people with the same passion for film at other places as you do at Asbury.”

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