Students cast their votes on Super Tuesday

Mock election lets students choose a candidate, register to vote

By Will Sears, a senior from Harlan, Ky.

WILMORE, KY—The Asbury College Primary Election hosted by the residence life and student government organizations was Feb. 5. In addition to casting a vote in the mock election, students registered to vote and submitted forms to receive absentee ballots.

Huckabee—56 percent of republican vote, 42 percent of all votes
Paul—19 percent
McCain—15 percent
Romney—11 percent

Obama—87 percent of democrat vote, 21 percent of all votes
Clinton—13 percent

Students cast their 255 votes inside two voting machines, and seven students registered to vote for the first time. Eva McDaniel, Jessamine County Clerk, provided the voting machines and was on-site to supervise the results and answer students' questions.

Mike Gilger, an Asbury student and co-coordinator of the event, said, “I’m really glad that students here are learning to see some non-traditional ways that still change the world,” Gilger said.

Asbury College students have shown a high interest in this year’s presidential election. Last week, a two-night viewing of CNN’s debates in the college’s Student Center drew crowds of more than 120 students each night. Most students stuck around until the end to share their opinions of the candidates and the issues.

The Residence Life and Student Government organizations sponsored the mock election as part of a multifaceted effort to provide students with real-world awareness of global issues and ways to actively pursue social competency as individuals and as a community. The partnership between the two organizations has expanded possibilities for reaching a larger number of students.


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