Brown publishes second Narnia book

caspian08.jpgWILMORE, KY—Baker Publishing has released Inside Prince Caspian by Dr. Devin Brown, professor of English at Asbury College. This is Brown’s second book of about Narnia and its creator C. S. Lewis.

One reviewer calls it “a splendid blending of scholarship and analysis” and writes, “Brown provides wisdom and insight in every chapter.” Another states, “Brown’s literary criticism follows in the tradition of Lewis’s own criticism.”

Devin Brown

Brown teaches a class on C. S. Lewis at Asbury and this summer will lead a Seminar-in-Residence at The Kilns in Oxford, where participants will eat, sleep, and take classes in Lewis’s home. Those who choose to may take the seminar for Asbury College credit.

Inside Prince Caspian comes out in advance of the May premier of the second Narnia film and is available from Amazon.


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