Alumna continues work to free modern-day slaves

Spring 2007 Ambassador

WILMORE, KY—In the spring 2007 issue of the Ambassador, we featured the stories of our alumni and current students who are working to end modern-day slavery around the world. Dr. Janice Shaw ’61 Crouse is one of those people.

In her story, Crouse retold her account of visiting Mexico where prostitutes lined the street, many of whom were young girls coerced into the sex trade by pimps who stood in the shadows behind them. Crouse described the face of one teenage girl “with harden eyes that had lost all hope.”

She says, “That’s why I am passionate about the evil of sex slavery; somebody has to rescue girls like her. I want the enslavement to stop.”

In December 2007, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act passed the House with a vote of 405-2.

Crouse and Concerned Women for America (CWA) played a pivotal role in the passage of this bill to end modern-day slavery. The bill contains all the provisions that Dr. Crouse, director and senior fellow of CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, and Shari Rendall, CWA’s director of legislation and public policy, have advocated over the past several months.

The bill now goes before the Senate for debate. According to an announcement, this bipartisan bill has the potential to “rescue millions of enslaved victims and allow the effective prosecution of the criminal networks that are behind this crime that is ranked #2 in international crimes.”

To read Crouse's story, download the spring 2007 Ambassador.

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