Fast for the hungry

Broken Bread Meal

WILMORE, KY—One meal of corn soy—for the estimated 854 million hungry people in the world, this meal is often the only one for the day. While few Americans experience true hunger, Asbury College students have the opportunity to join with Acting on AIDS to spiritually combat the AIDS pandemic. On Oct. 24, students united in prayer and fasting to explore the intersection of the church and injustice at a Broken Bread Meal.

The fast began Oct. 23 and ended at dinner Oct. 24. The fast concluded with a meal of corn soy blend from 6-8:30 p.m. During this time, students prayed for those affected by poverty, hunger and AIDS. “Prayer is one of the most underused tools that we have,” said Lopes, president of Acting on AIDS. “We can give money and do different things, but we can also pray.”

While overwhelmed with the massive numbers of those affected by hunger, poverty or disease, Lopes, a senior from Sal Luis, Brazil, believes that every person can make an impact. He hopes that the fast gives students a “taste” of hunger.

“We are trying to put ourselves as much as we can into someone else’s shoes and to discuss what that means,” Lopes said.

During the small-group-interactive meal, students received information cards depicting true stories of the intersection of poverty, hunger and AIDS. These cards featured discussion questions to help students talk about the fast experience. Participants also watched the movie, Dear Francis, about children living in poverty.

Last year, Asbury College was the top school for fundraising for AIDS victims and directed money to Swaziland. This year, the group expanded its outreach to include Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Lexington. This ministry helps people relocate to the U.S. and provides tutors, mentors and friends for children.

Contact Travis Lopes at to make a donation or for more information.

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