Summer Ministry teams head out

By Heidi Heater, a junior from Jackson, Ky.

WILMORE, KY— Whether performing skits, serving as camp counselors or leading worship and Bible studies, Asbury College’s summer ministry team plans to put what they have learned in the Gospels into action. They will try be God’s “hands and feet” wherever they go this summer.


“We’re commissioned to make disciples of all nations,” said Joy Ireland, assistant director of campus ministries at Asbury College. “We’re going to stay in the U.S., but the call is still there.” The teams will serve in a variety of places, including the inner city, rural churches and camp meetings. Ireland said this will give students the opportunity to be “Christ in various situations.”

“He calls everyone to serve others,” said Katie Carter, a sophomore elementary education major from Mt. Vernon, Ohio. “For me personally, I have a real passion that I think God has given me for children and I love to work with them and want them to see Christ in me if at all possible.”

Dan Baer, a sophomore from Stow, Ohio, said, “I feel God has called me to full time ministry, so there’s no reason to wait when God can impact people through who I am now.”
To prepare the teams for ministry, each member was assigned to read Whatever Became of Holiness? by Steve DeNeff. Ireland said the purpose of this assignment is to call students to personal discipleship and to become more like Christ. “If you’re not growing yourself, you can’t teach,” she said. Ireland said that reading this book would give students a Biblical foundation for teaching others about holiness.

“I have been prepared well for all we’re going to be called to do,” said Baer. “I’m looking forward to instilling in the hearts of youth how real Christ is.” Baer said that the College


not only has given him training, but also has helped him to understand that his experiences are real and applicable to everyone.

Through summer ministry, Ireland hopes students gain a “head-heart” connection between the things they have learned and the things they will experience. “It’s going to be different for each person,” she said. “I just pray that they’ll be open handed and open hearted and be willing to grow and be stretched beyond what was previously comfortable to them.”    

The two teams, which call themselves “Transformed” and “Steadfast,” depart May 27 and will travel to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Delaware, Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

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