Stratford wins teaching award

WILMORE, KY—Dr. Linda Stratford, associate professor of art, received the 2006-07 Francis White Ewbank Excellence in Teaching Award from Asbury College.

Linda Stratford

The Ewbank award was established in 2002 by Drs. Paul and Kay Rader. The award is given annually to one full-time faculty member who has demonstrated teaching effectiveness and spiritual modeling in and outside of the classroom.

Stratford began teaching art history at the College in 2000. She received her Ph.D. from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, in history with emphasis on art and society in France. She said her life passion is “teaching and learning.”

Before her Ph.D., she completed an undergraduate degree in art from Vanderbilt University and spent a year studying art history in France. She has made a number of research trips to France, including a recent trip sponsored by a French Foundation dedicated to the artist Hans Hartung. She also speaks and teaches on occasion at the University of Kentucky where she recently curated an exhibit of French paintings in the 2006 exhibit “A Romance with the Landscape.”

She was appointed as an Asbury College Lilly Scholar in 2005 based on a project proposal on theology and the visual arts. Dr. Stratford recently spoke at Asbury Theology Seminary on the theological significance of The Portinari Altarpiece. She also delivered lectures at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Ky., where she explored the ways in which visual imagery and architecture support theological understanding and Christian formation. She is married to Mike Stratford and has two sons, Forrest and Will.   

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