Sigma Zeta hosts annual Kids College

By Cassi Haggard ’07/Collegian

Explosions, chemicals and children could be disastrous — or it could be a lot of fun.

Last Saturday (March 3, 2007), at the annual Kids College, it was a learning experience for local home-schooled children.

The program has grown in popularity so much that Sigma Zeta had to turn students away for the first time this year.

“Kids College is an annual program run by Sigma Zeta. We educate home-school children from the area in physics, biology and chemistry,” Alicia Lewellen, Sigma Zeta vice president said.

The students range from kindergarten to eighth grade. All the children, except the kindergarten class, rotate through three 50-minute labs. The labs are meant to help home-schooled students who do not normally have the opportunity to use science laboratories learn more about science.

“We try to make the learning as hands on as possible, interacting with them as well as demonstrating things that they hopefully have never seen before. We aim to educate as well as to awe,” Lewellen said.

Phillip Fryman led the chemistry section. According to him, the kids’ favorite parts in his class were the “explosions and reactions.” However, rather than just having flashy impressive explosions, the volunteers try to teach the students as well.

“Before we blow anything up, we try to get the kids to explain what is happening chemically in the reactions,” said Fryman.

The biggest struggle each year is finding enough volunteers. Sigma Zeta President Melissa Phillips said the experience is beneficial to volunteers as well as children.

“I think the experience is definitely rewarding. Opening up a child's mind to the wonders of science is a wonderful experience, and knowing that you are helping both them and their parents in their education makes you feel like you are making a difference to at least someone,” Phllips said.

Sigma-Zeta has various community service events every year. Kids College was such a successful program that it became an annual event.

“I think this program is in fitting with Asbury's tradition of service,” Phillips said.

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