Ring, ring…It’s Asbury calling

WILMORE, KY—It’s that time of year again. Asbury College students and volunteers are manning the phones to raise money for Asbury College general scholarship fund.

Student phonathon

With your gift, we’ll be able to help our students financially with scholarships and through financial aid programs. This year’s anniversary gift is $117, if you have never given before this is a good place to start. In it’s 31st year, the phonathon raises approximately $200,000 annually. These gifts help many students attend Asbury College who wouldn’t be able to otherwise—maybe even the student who calls you.

The College has 20 students calling per evening and in five days they have raised more than $100,000. Callers will continue dialing throughout the spring. Can’t wait for the call? Then call us at 800-888-1818 ext. 2133 or make your gift online.

Every gift counts, so make yours today! To find out more about Asbury College giving opportunities visit, http://www.asbury.edu/offices/development.

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