A Board Update

Dear Friends:

For several months now, the Board of Trustees has been addressing long-term strategic issues for the College. When Dr. Rader announced his retirement in January, we accelerated those efforts since we know these foundation-level issues will help steer our search for a new president as well as provide our new leader with clear guidance on the Board’s priorities for Asbury College.

I am pleased to report that we have made great progress. At last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, we took several key actions. The first three constitute an affirmation of the college’s historic mission as the Board conducts Asbury’s presidential search. That mission remains unchanged: The mission of Asbury College, as a Christian Liberal Arts College in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, is to equip men and women, through a commitment to academic excellence and spiritual vitality, for a lifetime of learning, leadership and service to the professions, society, the family and the Church, thereby preparing them to engage their cultures and advance the cause of Christ around the world.

1. First, we approved Asbury’s Vision. We are a “distinguished liberal arts institution of higher education solidly anchored to its founding purpose, historic missions and theological tenets." This document describes who we are, what we are about, our integration of faith and learning and contains a number of affirmations from the Board of Trustees. I invite you to read it in its entirety here .

2. Second, we approved Asbury’s Theological Distinctive. As the College’s stewards, the Board is entrusted with carrying out our mission. Further, we are charged with the responsibility to ensure that Asbury College continues to provide leaders of integrity who live an exemplary life and whose hearts are moved toward Scriptural holiness. The Distinctive can be read here .

3. Third, the board approved our Statement of Strategic Direction. This document, developed by an on-campus task force, addresses the following seven areas:

    • Quality Academic Programs
    • Vital Christian Environment
    • Transformative Community
    • Global Perspective
    • Rich Mix of Students
    • Mission-Driven Resourcing
    • Expanding Markets and Missional Influence

You can read more detail on these strategic goals here .

4. Fourth, in addition to the foundational documents, we approved a Presidential Profile that outlines the qualities we seek and the expectations we hold for our new leader. You can view that profile here .

The next step in the search process is a May 6 meeting when the presidential search committee will meet to review candidate files. We currently have two paths we can pursue—appointing a new leader by this summer or naming an interim President. We will have clearer direction on the path we will take by mid-May.

5. Finally, at last week’s meeting we received a series of financial reports and an update on prospective enrollment. Over the next several weeks, the administration will work with the board to implement a final budget for the next fiscal year as well as to develop strategies ensuring a sound financial future for the College and a solid return on our students’ investment in their education.

Please pray with us as we look to the future with hope and expectancy. God is still using this College to change the lives of our students, just as He has for generations. We pray He will continue to do so.


CE Crouse
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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