Student reflection from continuous chapel series, Feb. 6-10

Lucas Speakman, senior class president and second team member on the USA TODAY 2006 All-USA College Academic Team, reflected on the continuous, spontaneous chapel series Feb. 6-10.

I am very grateful to receive this honor from USA Today and I pray that this will be a positive impact for Asbury. However, a more important honor to me was just being an Asbury student Feb. 6-10.

Many of you followed the spontaneous singing/revival that occurred here that week. I called it “chapel all week” since chapel was really never over for me, and I would like to give you a quick student’s perspective.

As a math department, we were finishing up our Math Modeling competition (worldwide competition modeling a single problem from Thursday till Monday evening) and I fell asleep during the student’s testimony in chapel. (Don’t tell the chapel checker!)

When the praise band started praising God at the end of the hour, I was overcome with emotion. Students made their way to the altar and it quickly filled to three or four rows deep at the altar with no more room. Students began to yell out praises, prayers and biblical passages from their seats. When a musician was tired, another musician jumped up from the crowd and kept playing.

When I came back to Hughes at 10 Monday night students, faculty and community members were worshiping God. We were up front praising His Name, we were at the sides praying and some of us were running around hugging everyone we saw (I even hugged Dr. Rader!) This continued all through the night.

During the daytime, students were drawn back to Hughes. There was no praise and or loud music, just a time for reflection, prayer, crying, writing or lying on the floor. If you would excuse the negative connotation, it was an addiction for many. Between classes and before and after work, others and I made our way back to Chapel for the entire week. It was not just an emotion high, but real change was happening. God did not just give us a breath of fresh air, but new legs to run on!

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