Senior art major shows “Miracles"

WILMORE, KY—Senior year at Asbury College is an exciting time. For many, it’s a time to complete internships, fill out job and graduate school applications, and finish papers in preparation for the “next step.” However, senior art majors have something else on their mind—“the show”. Each year, senior art majors are required to put together a display of their artwork, hold a reception and invite their family and friends to see their work.

renavatio06.jpgSenior art major Stacy Stevens Hall from Bristol, Tenn., has spent the last two semesters preparing for the culmination of her four years at the calvary06.jpgCollege. Hall, whose emphasis is graphic design, recently completed her senior art show, Miracles, which was displayed in the Grille Art Gallery.

Hall decided on Miracles after studying C.S. Lewis in one of her philosophy classes and by reading about miracles in the Old Testament.

“Miracles have always been an interest of mine,” she said. “I have heard some amazing modern-day miracle stories throughout my life. During the time that I was looking for a theme for my show, I was reading in the Bible about an Old Testament miracle and it just sort of hit me. Everything seemed to come together.”

Hall has a total of 16 pieces in her show. She hopes her work will encourage people to think about miracles and how God still moves in the world. Her favorite pieces are designs of Calvary and the Resurrection.

”I think it turned out really well,” she said. “I put a lot of work and thought into it, and it is really worth it to see the final product.”

After graduation, Hall plans to do overseas mission work with her husband, Jon, who is also graduating this semester. Hall would like to eventually to use graphic design in ministry, perhaps bridging language barriers with visual images.

”I hope to show the love of God to the lost through my work.”



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