Senior’s music composition performed at KEMA

WILMORE, KY—Enoch Jacobus, a senior from Cedarville, Mich., recently won the composition award in the Kentucky Music Educators Association undergraduate division.

His piece, “Intrada for Brass Quintet and Percussion,” was performed by a quintet of Asbury College students at the KEMA convention on Feb.3.

Enoch.jpgJacobus originally wrote the piece for his senior recital March 30 and the convention was the first time he actually heard his music played. When he writes his compositions, he never knows exactly what they are going to sound like until they are performed.

“It’s very exciting,” he said. “When you are writing something and only hear it on the computer, it’s mechanical and lacks expression. When you get to hear it with acoustic instruments, it makes a world of difference. It is a very gratifying experience.”

Jacobus is looking forward to hearing the rest of his senior recital. Several of his recital pieces have been in the works for many years and he has yet to hear them performed.

“Music isn’t anything if it is just written,” he said. “It has to be played.”

Jacobus came to the College as a music performance emphasis major because he always thought that to be a composer, you had to start at a very young age. It wasn’t until he came to Asbury College that he found out he could be trained and taught to compose music in his classes. He switched to a music composition/arranging emphasis his sophomore year.

“I never imagined I’d be at this point,” he said.

Jacobus’ primary instrument is the oboe, but he writes music for a variety of ensembles and instruments.

“I feel like my recital is going to involve a cast of thousands,” he said, referring to the large variety of ensembles including organ, string, brass and wind instruments, along with three choirs. He even wrote a small chamber ensemble based on three poems written by his brother Noah, a freshman at the College.

After graduation, Jacobus hopes to attend graduate school and one day teach music theory and composition.

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