May the best CLASS win!

By Ashleigh Graves, a junior applied communication major

WILMORE, KY—Once a year, Asbury College freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors turn out for a weeklong contest of old-fashioned class spirit. Class Clash Bash is an annual spring tradition that engages classes in five days of friendly competition as they vie for the title. Sponsored by the Student Activities Board, the events are entirely student planned and run.

bash06.jpg“Class Clash Bash does for Asbury what spirit week does for other schools,” said Junior Kara Robinson. “It’s a fun tradition that students look forward to every year. It adds a lot to class identity.”

Class identity, for Asbury College students, is their way for forming a unique bond with fellow class members through a class name, verse, hymn, colors, mascot and various fun activities. This year brought together the Steadfast (2006), Transforming (2007), Empowered (2008) and the Consecrated (2009) classes.

Senior David Smythe agrees. “Class Clash Bash bonds the school together through a healthy kind of sibling-like rivalry, “ he said. “It’s always a lot of fun.”

While Class Clash Bash themes and events vary from year to year, the focus is always on involving the entire campus in activities that foster participation in community life. In keeping with this year’s “Asbury Gladiator” theme, the roster of events included competitions such as Sumo Wrestling, The Joust, Professor Hunt and The Brain Bowl. Class Clash Bash concluded on Saturday with the second annual Bowl for Kids Sake, a fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. In last year’s Bowl for Kids Sake, Asbury College was the largest donor among Kentucky organizations and universities.

This year the senior Steadfast class celebrated winning its first Class Clash Bash by wearing the official winner t-shirts. Steadfast class members say the unexpected victory will make graduation a little sweeter.

“We were all surprised that we won this year, but it’s still really exciting,” Smythe said.

With this year’s festivities wrapped up, students are already anticipating the next time around.

“I think it’s a chance for students to get together and have fun,” sophomore Ryan Cox said. “It’s just a great way to take a break from daily life.”

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