Four Students go on Swazi holiday

Collegian report

Over Christmas break, Caitlin Woodward ’07, Kathy Quigg ’07, Sarah Mauller ’06 and Jen Thomas ’09 traveled to Swaziland, Africa.

Swazi Holiday

The group stayed in a homestead in a village outside of Manzini. They lived alongside the people they ministered to, in an environment with one electrical outlet, no running water or showers and a hole for a toilet.

For two weeks, Woodward, Quigg, Mauller and Thomas worked in hospitals, feeding, clothing and bathing abandoned babies and praying with the people. They brought food to each of the nine centers that care for orphaned children. At the center in Thembini, the girls helped to fence in ten acres of land that will someday hold a free public school, a garden and a house for orphans.

“One of the babies there was a week old. That means that since we got to Africa, the baby was born, abandoned and brought to the hospital,” Woodward said. She said many of the people are abandoned because of the AIDS and HIV crisis in Swaziland.

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