Common Questions

What should I do if I have a question about... housing assignment?

If you have general questions about our residence halls, please visit our Housing website.

Housing assignments for all deposited new students will be sent to your Asbury e-mail by mid-July. You’ll want to make sure you make your pre-tuition deposit AND fill out a Housing Preference Form by June 10th in order to receive your assignment by this time.
Rooms are assigned in the order that deposits are received.  Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this.

If you have questions, please contact the Housing Office by e-mail or by calling 859-858-3511 ext. 2322.

Once you get here, you’ll meet your Res Hall staff, who can help you out with anything else that comes up. class schedule?

Your class schedule is available through your online account.  Log in using your student username and password, which are the same as those used for your student e-mail account. We recommend that you print this prior to arriving to New Student Orientation. You can view and change your schedule online. For further help concerning your schedule, you will also have an Asbury University faculty member assigned to help you with scheduling. Further questions about your schedule can be addressed to the Registrar at (859) 858-3511 ext. 2325 or via e-mail at financial aid?

Your financial aid offer is also available to view through your online account. Further questions about your financial aid can be addressed to the Financial Aid office at (859) 858-3511 ext. 2195 or via e-mail at  Also, the Financial Aid website can be found by clicking here. student account (tuition payments, meal plan, etc.)?

Your student account is available to view through your online account. Further questions about your student account can be addressed to the Student Accounts office at (859) 858-3511 ext. 2330 or via e-mail at  Information on tuition & fees can be found by clicking here.

         ...what supplies I need?

If you’re wondering about what academic supplies you’ll need, the Asbury University Student Store can tell you what materials and books to purchase for your specific class schedule. When you view your class schedule you will see a link attached to each class that will take you to this info.

If you’re wondering what living supplies you’ll need, check out the What to Bring page.

...a health concern?

The Student Health Service is available to answer questions you may have. You can contact Student Health at (859) 858-3511 ext. 2277 or via e-mail at


The TAG (Transition and Guidance) Program provides all new students with a small fellowship group led by two Asbury student leaders and is designed to make your transition into the Asbury University community as smooth, meaningful, and fun as possible. Your TAG group of about 20 students will experience New Student Orientation together and will continue to meet throughout the fall semester for weekly dinners and monthly events.  Click here for more information on the T.A.G. program.