Expert Trainers for our Service Mounts – Asbury University
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Stacy and Jesse WestfallTeaching at Asbury wasn’t part of the plan when internationally known horse trainers Jesse and Stacy Westfall sold their house a few years ago. It was a new calling that led them to the program. “It seemed like every time we asked God where we were supposed to be, Asbury University came up,” said Jesse, now the Trainer in Residence at Asbury.

As trainers and equine educators, the Westfalls have participated in clinics around the world, and they share their expertise with an even wider audience through DVDs and books. Asbury is truly unique to have this level of instruction involved with its Service Mount program.

“We teach students to consider their relationship with the horse in addition to its behavior,” Jesse said. “Is the horse saying ‘no,’ asking a question or scared? These students know it’s not just about making horses behave in a certain way. You’re also having a relationship.”

Choice is a crucial element of Asbury’s Service Mount training.

“We try to make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard,” Stacy said. “The horse has a choice, but we make the wrong choice involve a lot more work. When they look to us for guidance, we’re able to ease the pressure, and they find the reward.”