Propriety – Asbury University
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Dress code

All community members are expected to be intentional in honoring the campus environment and one another in matters of dress.  Respect for the academic endeavor is demonstrated by clothing that is presentable, neat, and clean. Clothing should cover the body from shoulder to mid-thigh.  Heightened expectations by Student Life and/or academic departments may exist when students officially represent the University or for special events and occasions (e.g., student teaching, presentations, internships, chapel platform leadership and recitals).   

Examples of clothing inappropriate for the Asbury University main campus and buildings:    

  • Swimwear 
  • Torn or ragged clothing  
  • Pajamas or sweatpants (both are permitted outside of class & chapel) 
  • Leggings or tights without a long shirt to mid-thigh 
  • “Short shorts” and spandex/lyrcra shorts   
  • Shirts that are low cut, strapless, open at the sides, or show the midriff  
  • Baseball caps and other sports hats (permitted outside of class & chapel) 
  • At all times clothing and other visible messaging should be without conflict with the character and values of Asbury University and honoring to the community.   


Relationships and Visitation

Out of respect for others and propriety in relationships, members of the community are asked to be discreet and prudent in public displays of affection.

Discretion in visiting the rooms, homes or off-campus living quarters of the opposite sex is expected.

    • Visiting the rooms or residence halls of the opposite sex should only be during designated visitation times and in accordance with residence life visitation policies.
    • Visiting the off-campus living quarters of the opposite sex alone should be avoided.
    • Spending the night with a member of the opposite sex, even without sexual contact, is considered inappropriate and could result in consequences including separation from the University for a period of time.

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