Helping your children choose a college is a tough task and an even greater commitment.

Thank you for your confidence in Asbury University. Your student’s four years here will be foundational to shaping their understanding of the world, themselves, and the great tradition of learning. Asbury University is committed to quality liberal arts education in a context of vital Christian community.

The positioning of Hughes Auditorium on this campus is not incidental. Corporate worship where students encounter both Spirit and Word in chapel and other gatherings convened there, is central to the distinctive Christ-centered learning experience that Asbury offers.

Faculty and staff are committed to providing your son or daughter with an opportunity to integrate their faith and rigorous academic work in the formulation of a distinctively Christian world view. This world view is grounded in the Word of God and expressed in purposeful and fulfilling lives of service and leadership. Students very quickly find themselves connected to the college community through a network of nurturing relationships intended to support them in academic discipline and personal growth.

You, of course, continue to be a vital part of this process. In this handbook (or perhaps I should say web-book) we have tried to anticipate some of your questions. Your understanding of our history and traditions as well as the standards and values that guide our community life will aid you in supporting your student during these years.

In this regard let me encourage you to read carefully the Handbook for Community Life and Residence Life which has been provided your student. We hope that you will visit the campus often to experience Asbury University for yourself.

Ours is a sacred trust, a divine mission. We welcome you as partners in this quest. We pray that your own association with Asbury University as a parent will be spiritually enriching and satisfying.

We look forward to greeting you personally.

Dr. Sandra Gray