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In the fall of 1999 my daughter, Nikki, began her freshman year at Asbury College (now Asbury University). Having just recently relocated to Wilmore, we were getting to know many Asbury College faculty and staff in their every day lives as neighbors and church partners. Their dedication to Christ and to their students was very real. That same fall, my second daughter, Siobhan, began her college search for a Christian college that excelled in Elementary Education. To her surprise, Asbury College ranked as one of the highest in preparation for teachers and in fall 2000, we helped our second Asbury College child unload her belongings into Kresge Dorm.

January 2001 my son, Sean, transferred from his college in Texas to Asbury College where he would eventually graduate with a degree in Applied Communications, Theatre Emphasis. We had three students all at once in Asbury. And what exciting times! Because we live within walking distance, our home became an oasis to students who needed a home cooked meal, a washing machine, a place to stay between semesters. Nikki met and married her husband (also an Asburian!) in her senior year.

As child number four began her college search she was determined to not go to Asbury, but as she researched options, she was attracted to the Equine Minor and with it the possibility of a future in hippotherapy. The fall of 2003, Stephanie began her freshman year (and we still had three in Asbury at once!). In 2006 our youngest, Suzanne, made her decision for Asbury and the sweep was complete.

Why, with all the options available to them, did every one of them come to Asbury? They were all seeking programs that would provide excellent training. Their majors have been diverse yet Asbury’s dedication of the very best in all schools of study has given each of them the highest level of preparation for his or her future.

They were also seeking the spiritually enriching environment to mature in their Christian as well as vocational walk. Their experiences of Asbury have gone beyond academia. Short-term mission opportunities are abundant and all of them have taken part in the global outreach offered through both missions organizations on campus and endeavors headed by faculty. On-campus employment options have taught a valuable work ethic. Area churches embrace students as family. Asbury College is truly an example of a whole community raising a child (no matter how old they get, they are still your child).

They did not just enroll in Asbury College; four out of five graduated. And the fifth, Suzanne is now a senior and will be in the first graduating class of Asbury University. That is testimony not just to their achievements, but to the dedication and involvement of the professors and staff of Asbury. Unlike large university settings, the professors at Asbury know their students by name and are committed to providing the best of teaching in every class. They care.

What would I say to a parent whose son or daughter is considering Asbury? If your student is serious about encountering Christ and being challenged to grow in faith as well as the highest level of preparation for vocational goals, Asbury University just might be the direction in which God is leading.

Peg Keeley

(Nicole Hayes Montgomery’03)
(Sean David Keeley ’04)
(Siobhan Grace Keeley ’04)
(Stephanie Lynn Keeley ’07)
(Suzanne Elizabeth Keeley ’10)