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June 7, 2018

What does it mean to connect? That is the question at the heart of Asbury University’s orientation programming.

Asbury provides several different avenues for incoming students to connect to campus. Welcome Week (New Student Orientation) is required for all incoming students and begins Tuesday, August 14 for new freshman and Thursday, August 16 for transfer students.

Prior to Welcome Week, Asbury offers two optional pre-orientation experiences: Archways, a wilderness adventure to the Daniel Boone National Forest and The Bridge, a community service trip to Lexington and Central Kentucky.

The Bridge is a brand-new, pre-orientation experience that focuses on the way in which service and story-sharing can be a means through which Christians help bridge divides in our society. 

Students who participate in The Bridge will do a variety of different projects including serving at local soup kitchens, light construction work and street clean up. Each day will include devotions, service activities, story sharing, a time of worship and a few fun surprises along the way.

“Students will have the opportunity to serve alongside partner service organizations of Asbury. Our hope for students is that these partnerships would spark an interest of service they could continue over the course of their journeys at Asbury,” Assistant Director of Spiritual Life and Assistant Chaplain Jeannie Banter said. “One goal of The Bridge is for students to become connected and familiar with not only the layout of the community, but the needs and people of the community.” 

The program will be facilitated by recent graduates and the evening teaching will be led by the Spiritual Life Team (Rev. Greg Haseloff, Banter, Kaylyn Moran, and Dr. John Morley).

“The Bridge metaphor is really two-sided,” Resident Director and Coordinator of Community Service & Social Justice Initiatives Kaylyn Moran said. “It certainly represents each incoming student and his or her transition to a new season of life, but it also represents the way in which we want our students to function in the world. We want our students to be connectors- helping to connect people with God and one another. We believe that everyone has a gift the community needs through their story and their service. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you’ve done- your presence is important in the kingdom. We want students to show up, share and serve. When we do that we also become ‘bridges’ by being people who are able to breakdown some of the divides that our broken work imposes upon us.”  

The cost of the program is $350.

There are limited spots available and while this is a new program, we are expecting it to fill up quickly. Be sure to register for this life-changing, character-shaping program soon.