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March 28, 2017

Graduate student teaching a class in elementary school
Lorenzo Villalobos ’13, currently completing his M.A. in Education at Asbury, was named “Teacher of the Year” at Wilmore Elementary School.

WILMORE, Ky. — Whether you’re a certified teacher interested in furthering your education or a college graduate pursuing initial certification, Asbury University’s School of Education has a master’s program for you.

Asbury’s fully online master’s programs are designed for working professionals, combining the benefits of face-to-face classes with the flexibility of online education.

Lorenzo Villalobos ’13 is a graduate student in Asbury University’s School of Education as well as a husband, a father of two and a full-time teacher at Wilmore Elementary School, where he was recently named “Teacher of the Year.” Even with his tight schedule, Asbury’s online program makes it possible for Villalobos to continue his education. 

“There are so many resources to support the online learner, from videos to online library resources,” Villalobos said. “I get to see the teacher when I’m doing live lessons, I get to chat with people who are attending class with me, and the professors have realistic expectations — they realize I’m an individual who has a career and a life and things going on.”

Asbury currently offers two graduate education degrees: Master of Arts (for certified teachers seeking to further their education), and Master of Arts in Teaching (for students who hold a bachelor’s degree and would like to receive initial teaching certification).

Villalobos, who is also a graduate of Asbury’s Adult Professional Studies (APS) program, is working towards his Master of Arts, specializing in Learning and Behavior Disorders.  

“I want to understand as much as I can to help these students as much as I can,” Villalobos said. “Just from being an aware teacher, I realize the thread of special education even without the label. There are exceptional learners everywhere you look, and it’s been challenging and encouraging to apply those lessons to my craft.”

Villalobos has already experienced how transformative Asbury’s programs can be. Even though he began his degree completion program at Asbury with no previous background in teaching, Asbury’s B.S. in Elementary Education gave him all the tools he needed to begin a teaching career. Before he graduated, he’d already received five job offers.

“Asbury’s mission is to get you hired, and I appreciated that,” Villalobos said. “Our professors were right alongside us, communicating with the Center for Career and Calling and making sure we had as many opportunities as possible. They weren’t holding your hand; they were putting you on their shoulders. You could see farther than the kids who weren’t at Asbury.”

As he continues his experience at the graduate level, Villalobos says Asbury’s spiritual commitments shape his approach to education. Villalobos sees himself as a missionary in the classroom, and sharing the love of God through learning is his top priority.

“At Asbury, the heart of Christ and the mission of service are inseparable from what education is all about,” Villalobos said. “Asbury provides a place in which a person can unapologetically love Jesus Christ and become a professional in their field, and I think that’s awesome.”


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