Asbury Students Share Christmas Break Plans – Asbury University
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December 13, 2016

After a semester filled with growth, challenges and opportunities, Asbury University students share their plans for a well-deserved Christmas Break.

WILMORE, Ky. — After a semester filled with growth, challenges and opportunities, Asbury University students are enjoying a well-deserved Christmas Break. Before students left campus last week, many shared their holiday plans. Here are just a few of the ways Asbury students will rest, recharge and celebrate during Christmas Break.

  • “I have family coming in from Texas, so I’ll spend the holiday with tons of family. My mom is Costa Rican, so we have a Christmas tradition where we eat our Christmas dinner at midnight, then we open one present, go to bed and open the rest of our presents the next day.” — Jacqueline Palomo ‘19 
  • “I’m part of a group that’s going to volunteer in a refugee camp in Athens, Greece, with Go International.” — Brenden Moore ’18.
  • “When I go home, I’m going to cuddle with my dog because I’ve missed my dog a lot. His name is Monty, and he’s a little Yorkipoo. He looks like a baby Chewbacca, which makes it all the more fun to hold him.” — Sarah Nesselroade ‘20
  •  “I think I’m going to go to my room and lay in my bed and not wake up for four weeks straight. Then I’m going to have home cooked meals from my mother, meet up with old friends, go to movies and catch up.” — Aaron Winneroski ‘17
  • “Over Christmas Break, I’m going to be finishing up my novel. I’m really excited for Christmas and for the fact that I get to see my long distance boyfriend.” — Elizabeth Dresdow ‘17
  • “I’m going to sit around, make cookies and sleep. I’m definitely looking forward to family time — we always go ice skating downtown Chicago.” — Jana Fitch ‘19
  • “Over Christmas break, I’m excited about going to go visit a church that I might be working for in a children’s ministry position. I will check out the potential for employment, visit my grandmother in Maryland and then head home for Christmas Day.” — Lizzy Sherwood ‘17
  • “I only get to go home two or three times a year, so it will be nice to spend some time with family. The first thing I’m going to do is set down my stuff and take a long nap, then I’m going to play some cards and games with my sister.” — Nick Martinez ‘18
  • “I’m looking forward to having some time to chill. I’m excited about some home-cooked meals, and I’m definitely going to see Rogue One.” — Daniel Moye ‘20
  • “I’m looking forward to a tradition my family has — on New Year’s Day, we always go to New York City and see the Rockefeller Center.” — Madison Hirsch ‘19
  • “A fun activity my family always does before Christmas is finding the pickle ornament on the tree. It’s always a competition between me and my sister, and whoever finds it first gets an extra gift. Being much better than my sister at it, I always win, but I’m thinking about letting her win this Christmas.” — Houston Thomas ‘20

Asbury wishes all of our students a Merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing them rested, refreshed and ready for another amazing semester in the New Year!