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November 22, 2016

Students posing on the Great Wall of China
Asbury’s China Study Abroad Program visited the Great Wall in Nov. 2016.

An amazing international experience, a full semester’s credit for only 12 weeks of class — and did we mention there’s no extra cost for tuition?

Asbury University’s China Study Abroad Program and Paris Semester offer incredible opportunities for students to experience the world in a new way, earn class credit and fulfill their Cross Cultural Engagement requirement.

Asbury students, as well as students from other institutions, are welcome to apply for study abroad through Asbury’s China and Paris programs. Led by Asbury faculty, the programs offer students the same personal attention and Christ-centered experience they could expect in an Asbury classroom. The involvement of Asbury faculty also allows for more in-depth preparation and follow-up, ensuring that students get the most out of their trips.

Asbury’s Study Abroad programs are also highly affordable. Students pay the same credit-hour rate and room/board rate as on-campus students. Additional costs paid by the student include (but are not limited to) travel expenses to and from their program country, personal expenditures, some meals and passport/visa fees. 

China Study Abroad Program

A 12-week experience, Asbury’s China Study Abroad Program allows students to earn up to 16 hour of credit as they explore Chinese language and culture. The program offers highly experienced leadership, a strong emphasis on discipleship and mentoring, opportunities for service and an amazing variety of experiences.

“Not only do we travel more broadly, but we meet with more experts, sample more food, engage in more spiritual dynamics, and offer a unique mix of academic rigor with heart-transforming experiences than any program that I’ve ever researched or encountered,” said Program Director Thane Ury. “On this current semester, we’ve eaten fried scorpions, rode elephants, hiked the Great Wall, visited ancient Christian sites, and conversed with local experts.”

Asbury’s China Study Abroad Program is about much more than academics — it’s an opportunity for students to step beyond themselves and explore how God might use a new culture in their lives.

“I hope students will seriously pray over whether God might be calling them to step out of their bubble and into the life-changing, complacency-shattering challenge of studying for a semester in China,” Ury said. “Others go to change China, but we actually go so that China might change us.”

To request more information about the China Study Abroad Program, contact Rosanna Willhite or Thane Ury (

Paris Semester 

Through the Paris Semester, Asbury students spend 12 weeks earning 13-18 credit hours in their major, completing an internship in their field, exploring major museums and cultural sites and experiencing daily life in Paris.

Fluency in French is not required, but students accepted to the program will be required either to take French language courses for University credit while in Paris or participate in an internship placing them in the context of the city.

The program’s dormitory and classroom space in the St.-Germain district places students in the heart of Paris under the supervision of Asbury faculty and English-speaking resident assistants.  Students also have the option of a homestay environment with a French host.

“Paris is one of the most interesting and exciting cities I’ve ever been to,” said Emily Houp ’18, who was part of the Paris Semester last year. “There are so many aspects to it — deep history, incredible art and amazing diversity represented in center of Paris.”

Dr. Linda Stratford, director of the Paris Semester, says living abroad for a semester empowers students to make a difference in the world.

“Travel can become one of the most important aspects of your liberal arts education,” Stratford said. “It’s a natural extension of the Asbury experience — a means to become 21st-century global citizens rather than mere bystanders. My students often say they remember what they’re learning during the Paris Semester because they’re living in the midst of it. The city of Paris becomes our classroom.”

To request more information about the Paris Semester, contact Tina Smith or Linda Stratford.


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