Activities Fair Showcases Campus Life at Asbury – Asbury University
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August 19, 2016

WILMORE, Ky. — Asbury University’s front lawn teemed with activity on Thursday as 70 clubs and organizations, both on-campus and off-campus, recruited new members during the annual co-curricular Activities Fair.

Participating organizations included the Asbury Collegian, Sigma Zeta (Math and Science Honors Society), the Tumbling Team, the Center for Adventure Leadership, Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, World Gospel Mission, One Mission Society, local churches and many others.

“It’s awesome to get plugged in to all these organizations,” said freshman Andres Donahue. “Many times we come in and don’t know what opportunities there are, so this is a great way to get involved.”

Returning students also looked forward to exploring campus opportunities. Upperclassmen may experience more time constraints and heavier course loads, but for senior Chandler Vance, staying involved in campus life is central to the Asbury experience.

“As upperclassmen, the greatest gift we can give to underclassmen is passing on what we’ve learned during four years at Asbury,” Vance said. “There’s a place for everyone here, and that means being able to share something with everyone else.”

Asbury’s Assistant Director of Student Leadership Development Heather Tyner says the Activities Fair is a great example of the rich community that makes life at Asbury so unique.

“The Activities Fair represents a majority of the meaningful opportunities students can have at Asbury to get involved in their community,” Tyner said. “Churches, non-profits, Asbury clubs and organizations, student centers, academic offices and student government associations provided students with the chance to meet organization leaders and learn more about how their unique strengths, goals and desire for service can fit with community needs. It is a good demonstration of how important it is for students to have a sense of belonging, and how that can be nurtured by getting involved, getting to know others in the community and giving of themselves.”

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