Students Explore Career and Calling at Asbury – Asbury University
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February 25, 2016

“What are you going to do with that degree?” Asbury University’s Center for Career and Calling helps you find out.“What are you going to do with your degree?” 

It can be a daunting question, but at Asbury University, students have access to an entire office devoted to helping them answer it. Asbury’s Center for Career and Calling challenges students to think through potential career options, discover their unique gifts and seek the will of God.

“We start working with students early in their freshman year,” said Michelle Kratzer, director of the Center for Career and Calling. “Often, students are still exploring different major and career options, and helping them think through the concept of calling is a signature part of what we do.”

Career and Calling helps students explore their calling in concrete ways like job shadowing, interviewing and industry research. On Feb. 25, Career and Calling hosted a trip to the Spotlight Career Fair in Lexington, Ky., a collaborative effort between independent colleges and universities across Kentucky. At the event, students made connections with nearly 100 employers and graduate school recruiters, practiced professional presentation and learned more about a broad range of career paths.

“There are all kinds of helpful things students can pick up from a career fair, even if they’re not looking for a job right away,” Kratzer said. “At this stage, career exploration is just as important as landing a job. They have access to great networking and development opportunities at the event, and before we go, we have a training session and a resume review.”

Other opportunities throughout the year include LinkedIn workshops, panel discussions with industry professionals, resume critiques, mock interviews and internship placement resources. Many colleges offer similar career services, but Kratzer says Asbury’s double focus on career and calling makes its program unique.

“We recognize the value of preparing students as young professionals, but also the Kingdom business of helping students discover who they are in Christ and what it is He has created them to do,” Kratzer said.

Choosing a major and a career path can be daunting tasks, but Kratzer says Career and Calling is ready to support students at every point in their Asbury Experience.

“We want to serve them,” Kratzer said. “Finding your calling isn’t an add-on to the college experience — it’s integral. It will be worked out in the classroom, in residence halls, in internships, and, we hope, in our office. We believe that God has a calling for each person and many ways He is opening doors to work out that calling in the world. We want to support students in the process of finding that.”


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