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December 10, 2015

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Tina Newman ’12 (middle) is founder of MAD Marketplace.

Tina Newman graduated from Asbury University in 2012 with a Master of Social Work degree, a passion for social entrepreneurship and a plan to transform the way people shop. With the recent launch of MAD Marketplace, an online retail outlet that supports world-changing products and organizations, Newman’s dream has become a reality.

Newman’s interest in social entrepreneurship began while she was a student at Asbury. Though most of Newman’s fellow students planned to use their degrees in counseling or rehabilitation, Newman was interested in a more specialized area — using business to impact whole communities.  Even though her interests were outside the norm, Asbury’s MSW program offered Newman the support and flexibility she needed to succeed.

“I never felt like I was out of place in the program, and no one pushed me towards a different area,” Newman said. “It was an atmosphere where I could study, learn and totally be myself.”

In addition to welcoming her and supporting her interests, Asbury’s MSW program helped Newman develop and polish the skills she would need to create MAD Marketplace.

“Asbury helped me learn how to express myself, to put things into words and to tell stories,” Newman said.  “There was a big emphasis on learning how to love people where they are and figuring out how you can help them best. All of that was honed while I was at Asbury so I could do it better when I left.” 

Shorthand for “Make a Difference,” MAD Marketing brings together a broad range of products sold to benefit organizations that make the world a better place. The store carries everything from peanut butter to guitar straps, and each item has a unique story. A purchase of Roma Boots, for instance, supports childhood education. For each pair of Roma Boots sold through MAD Marketplace, a new pair is filled with educational materials and donated to a child in need.

MAD Marketplace is not the exclusive seller of the products in its store. Instead, it brings together many organizations that use their products to support positive change, allowing shoppers to browse a broad range of products and causes. The result, Newman says, is a shopping experience that has the power to make a difference.

“Our vision is to create a global consumer movement that matters,” Newman said. “Those aren’t just words. You have the potential to help people all over the world, and every purchase you make does matter.”

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