Asbury University Students Safe in Paris – Asbury University
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November 14, 2015

Asbury University students in Paris, France — who are a part of the University’s 12-week study-abroad program — quickly reported to their families and friends Friday that they were safe in their dorm rooms shortly after the attacks upon multiple sites in the French capital. On Saturday, they met as a group to discuss plans for the day, week and to pray for others. They also shot the video included here, to let others know they are secure, well, safe and blessed to be together at this time.

Open to students of all majors from all accredited universities, there are 15 Asbury students in this fall-semester AU program and they plan to return to the United States on Nov. 19 as scheduled.

In a message to the campus community from Asbury Provost Jon Kulaga on Friday, he said: “As we pray for the families being impacted by this tragic incident – we are in contact with our faculty and students in Paris and they are safe. The attacks have happened in area of Paris away from where our students are staying… and the faculty and staff (in Paris and in the U.S.) are monitoring the developments as they unfold. Please pray for the residents of Paris and the families who have lost loved ones today.”

The university — several minutes from where the incidents occurred yesterday — is always well secured (walls, gated with full-time security guards), but is not on lockdown Saturday. University faculty and staff are suggesting students remain in the dorms today, but the district of Paris that the university resides currently has merchant shops open, people walking the streets and traffic per a typical Saturday.

As the Asbury students and faculty gathered to wrap up plans for a trip through France early next week, they wanted to convey their deep appreciation for everyone’s continued messages and prayers.