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Brock Smith

At one point during this past week’s National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences gala, the host announced the winner of an Emmy this way…

“And another award for Asbury University… they are getting all the hardware.”

Winning Emmys and student-production awards has become part of the norm for Asbury and its nationally-recognized Communication Arts program. At the 2014 regional awards alone, Asbury-affiliated talent was nominated for 24 awards and multiple Asbury students, faculty and alumni were honored with the coveted trophies.

Among the winners this year were Asbury alums Brock Smith ’08 and Whit Bussey ’08 (who won multiple Emmys); Chrissy Pullinger ’07 who won an Emmy with WLEX; current Asbury Professor Doug Smart (who directs a sitcom produced on campus by students); and student-production winner Nathaniel Winckler ‘14.

Winckler is from Lexington, both of his parents are Asbury University alums, and he won his third-consecutive Student Production Award from the Academy.

“It was exciting to see Asbury graduates, faculty and students win Emmy Awards and student production awards,” said Jim Owens, dean of the School of Communication Arts at Asbury. “In addition, two high-school students won a Student Production Award for a short film they created at Asbury’s summer high-school film camp. It was quite the evening!”

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