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Students who attend Asbury University get a front-row view of the determination, talents and potential of their fellow classmates and the alumni who have paved the way for their achievements. In this web series, we’d like to share that view with you! This is part of an ongoing series about just a few of Asbury’s world-impacting graduates.

Asbury University AlumniAuthor and Asbury University alumnus Ken Abraham’s books frequently tell the stories of people who have overcome tremendous odds to find peace, success and meaning in life. But before he could grow up to collaborate with some of the most recognized names in American culture, he had to live his own story.

Growing up, Abraham’s father not only drank too much, he also owned the biggest bar in the county. The family consistently invited him to church, but he resisted until Christmas one year. Unfortunately, the experience was a stressful one: Ken’s little brother’s hair caught on fire from the candles in windows along the back row, and his dad vowed he was too embarrassed ever to return.

A year later, Ken (who was the drummer for a gospel music group) was playing in a youth concert near Pittsburg, Pa. At the end of the concert, one of Abraham’s brothers gave an invitation for kids to come down to the altar in the front of the room. There, in the midst of nearly 200 youth, Abraham and his brother were astonished to see their father, and they prayed together for the first time.

“He was transformed,” Abraham shared. “The very next week he put the bar up for sale, and he went on the road with us. It changed the fabric of the family when my dad accepted salvation at Christmas that year.”

Abraham went on to major in Bible at Asbury and graduated in 1975. Since then, he has written more than 50 books, including biographies, novels and Christian living topics. Three of Abraham’s books have reached the top position on The New York Times bestseller list.

Biographies with others include:

  • “Racing to Win: Establish Your Gameplan for Success,” the story of Joe Gibbs, the only coach in history to win championships in two world-class sports (the NFL Superbowl and NASCAR’s Winston Cup)
  • “God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir,” with George Foreman, two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Olympic gold medalist and minister
  • “I Was Wrong,” with former televangelist and TV host Jim Bakker
  • “Against All Odds: My Story,” with martial artist and action film star Chuck Norris


  • “Stand Up and Fight Back” about spiritual warfare
  • “The Hosanna Bible” for kids
  • “Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child”