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Asbury University strives to cultivate an atmosphere of thankfulness at all times, but the Thanksgiving season presents special opportunities to reflect on the many blessings of God. Here are a few thoughts from students, faculty and staff in response to the question, “What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?”
“I’m thankful for my family, especially my little sister, Jaimie, because she’s a really selfless person. She just inspires me to be grateful for everything that I have.” — Junior Dani Larson

“I’m thankful for an awesome swim coach, Alex Keyser. I’m thankful for the opportunity to swim for him, and that he is a coach who keeps Christ centered in everything we do.” — Freshman Parker Touchton

“Definitely music, because it’s the way I got here. God brought me here for worship arts. The fact that God specifically chooses you for something is something to be thankful for.” — Freshman Ariane Arquisola

“I am thankful for rest from all the craziness that is college life — spending time with family, reading and watching movies.” — Senior Lucy Allen

“What am I not thankful for? I guess the main thing is my psychology professors who are willing to work with me in my stressful senior year.” — Senior Nikki Woolls

“I’m thankful for my family, and especially for our fourth grandchild who is on the way! I’m so excited and thankful for that.” — Cecile Powers, Mail Clerk at Campus Post Office

“I’m just thankful to have my job and be working, and I’m thankful for my children, and I’m thankful that God saved me.” — Mary Brown, Custodian

“The answer that comes to my mind is grace. Is there anything more beautiful than that? I will quote Stu Smith (former campus Chaplain who currently works in Asbury’s Advancement office) and say that grace is “God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense.” Pecan pie isn’t bad, either.” — Paul Stephens, Associate Dean, Student Leadership Development

“I’m grateful that God’s mercies are new every single day. That’s really what it boils down to, for me. God’s mercy means provision.” — Anne Bennett, Assistant Director for Prospect Development

“I am thankful for all the trials and tribulations the Lord has used to draw me closer to Him when I have tried to do it all on my own.” — Janice Wyatt-Ross, Assistant Professor of Education

“At the top of my list would be God and family. It’s nice to work with students and faculty here, particularly in our department, because it’s such a congenial environment, and our students are so hard working, with such high ethics and goals.” — Joyce Underwood, Professor of Biology

“I’m just grateful for the fact that we have a God we can thank.” — Dan Strait, English professor

–by Joel Sams ’15