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WILMORE, Ky. — With the new year comes the opportunity to set the tone for the semester — and year — to come. As the first week of the Spring semester comes to a close, several Asburians offered their goals and thoughts for 2013:

“I’ve resolved to stop drinking pop. I’m 10 days in and doing pretty well!”
– Dr. Burnie Reynolds ’70, professor and chair of the History Department

“I have many resolutions! Two are to stay on a schedule or routine and to keep better track of my priorities: God first, then friends and school.”
– Erin Sigmund ’15

“I’m learning how to be healthier with eating habits, especially, and consistently working out.”
– Lucy Allen ’14

“I’m just going to keep doing my best.”
– Doris Adams, manager of the Campus Post Office

“I’m going to prayerfully pursue what God might have next for me. This is my last semester here, so I’m seeking what He might want me to do next.”
– Dr. Shirley Pauler, Education professor

“I’m generally just trying to be more dedicated.”
Philip Lawrence ’15

“I’m going to see one movie a month, based on the recommendation of a student I mentored who follows the industry, and I’m going to have people over for dinner and games at least once a month.”
– Carolyn Ridley ’81, director of Alumni Relations and Parent Program

“New Year’s resolutions are kind of silly. I make goals all the time. New Years is really a reflecting period instead of a fresh beginning.”
– Jennifer Crowell ’13

“My goal is to continue to write music, hopefully about four songs a month. Not all of them will be recorded, of course, but the goal is to keep writing.”
– Gabe Gibitz, musician and production coordinator in the Office of Public Relations

“I want to read more (non-textbooks) — at least five books, which is huge for me.”
– Alex Richard ’13

“I want to finish a film and write a book. I’m in the middle of a proposal now.”
– Josh Overbay, assistant professor of Communication Arts (film)