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WILMORE, Ky. — Asbury University will present Gilbert and Sullivan’s musical “The Mikado” on Jan. 12-14, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. in Akers Auditorium. Tickets are $5 ($3 for students) and can be purchased at the circulation desk in Kinlaw Library.

Known for their longstanding partnership in producing musical theater for the Savoy Theatre in England, Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert set “The Mikado” in Japan, far removed from the customs and traditions of Britain. This distance gave Gilbert room to satirize British politics while taking advantage of a keen interest in the Orient at the time.

“‘The Mikado’ is full of ‘Japanese’ characters with English names,” said Dr. Bea Holz, professor of music education and voice at Asbury, as well as director of the production. “It is very much a comedy, very colorful and a creatively energetic performance.”

Each year’s winter opera is funded by ticket sales, grants, alumni and contributions from local supporters. The 18 characters and other cast members will return to Asbury University from Christmas break a week early to finalize their preparations for the show. They are scheduled to perform the opera for local fifth-grade students on Jan. 10.

 Did you know?
“The Mikado” is the origin of several phrases that have made their way into common usage, such as “let the punishment fit the crime” and “the grand Pooh-bah.”