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Kid's CollegeWILMORE, Ky. — From learning how we encounter natural forces daily to what puts the hop in a frog’s step, nearly 200 students (kindergarten-eighth grade) from across the state of Kentucky visited Asbury University this past weekend to experience the wonders of science during  “Kid’s College.”

Kid’s College is an incredible opportunity for pre-high school students to visit Asbury’s science and math building and be taught chemistry, biology and physics from college students.

“Seeing the joy on the face of a child who has never had the opportunity to witness principles of science first-hand and hearing the shout of delight and contentment from his or her mouth is more than enough assurance that Kid’s College is a worthwhile endeavor,” said Brady Lewis, an Asbury student faculty congress representative.

The event — put on by Asbury’s Sigma Zeta Math and Science Club for more than a decade — has become so popular, an additional session had to be added this year to include more participants. More than 80 Asbury students volunteered for the event.

Kid's College 2011“It is an opportunity for math and science college students to instill a passion for science into the younger generation,” said Katie Miller ‘11, president of Sigma Zeta. “It’s our hope that we may excite the kids to have a lasting desire to learn about science. As a Christian community, we desire to show the students God’s amazing creation through educating them.

“The great part about Kid’s College is the excitement we are able to generate through interactive education. We focus on making the lessons interactive so that the student will engage, and hopefully gain an excitement for science. Every year, the parents rave about the program.”