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Complied by Joey Nunez, a senior from Harrisonburg, Va.

WILMORE, KY—On May 9, 2009, the Consecrated Class of 2009 graduated. The 305-member class departed Asbury’s campus to pursue various summer plans before continuing further education or starting a career in the work force. In this update, you will read what some of our Consecrated alumni are up to these days, exciting changes in their lives and their memories from Asbury!

(30) Morgan Schutters.jpgMorgan Schutters

This past summer I searched for a job as a reporter at any television station in the U.S. and around the world. I even applied at a station on some island off the coast of Japan as a video journalist filming and reporting weather. There was no Web site I had not checked and no station I had not sent my resume and demo reel that had an opening. I was determined to get a job before November 2009 at the latest. Then, on Oct. 5, 2009, I started working at WYMT-TV in Hazard, Ky.

I work at WYMT-TV as a reporter and producer. I have been reporting since New Year’s Eve and producing our most widely-viewed of all the newscasts: the 4 p.m. newscast. I love it here. I work starting around 8 to 8:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., or depending on what is going on. I do not get a lunch usually, so I eat fast at my desk – but why does that matter? I am doing my dream job. I have the job I have always wanted and LOVE IT. I always knew my hard work would pay off, but I could never have imagined how large a blessing it would be to be where I am now. The newsroom is a cohesive team. I love coming to work every day. I am pushed to a level of excellence, challenged and encouraged. My writing has improved by leaps and bounds, and I have made friends here that will last a lifetime.

I am working at the Vancouver Olympics with Asbury even though I already graduated. I am also training to run the first half-marathon next month in Lexington, Ky. I petitioned for this race and even wrote a letter to the mayor.

I would not trade my time at Asbury for the world. Spiritually I learned so much. The media program prepared me so well for my time here in the industry. I made friends at Asbury that I have kept and will keep for the rest of my life. I know that my mentors, advisors, professors and peers at Asbury are always there for me and can lend an ear or give advice if I ever need it. That is something extremely valuable for me being in this industry.

I miss being on the Cross-Country team, in plays with Prof. Jeff Day, working on Newswatch and at WACW with my media peers and music with Dr. Bea Holz. I was involved in so many different aspects of Asbury campus community that I got to meet the majority of people on campus. Here at WYMT-TV, I am able to use my journalism talents in reporting, but I am not singing, acting or running competitively. I miss being involved and using all of my talents for God.

Megan Scott

Right after graduation I headed back home to Traverse City, Mich. to live with my parents. Though it was a cool summer and I never really m(31) Megan Scott.jpgade to the beach, the time turned out to be a ton of fun. The moment I got home, I began searching for a puppy, as this was one thing I was looking forward to after graduation. On June 27, I found a Golden Retriever puppy and picked her up with Mike Gilger ’09. The same day, Mike proposed to me on the shores of Lake Michigan. For the rest of the summer, Mike and I did a lot of traveling between going to Hawaii with his family and seeing our family in Michigan, Texas and Louisiana. Along with all the traveling, we began planning for our wedding, which will be on July 16, 2010 in Suttons Bay, Michigan. Being here in Michigan most of the summer led Mike to pursue a job here, where he found one working with an advertising agency in downtown Traverse City, an exciting way to end the summer.

I am still in Traverse City, Mich. I bought a ski pass this year and am enjoying the fact that I get to use my skis all winter instead of only during Christmas break. Upon coming back home I received a large amount of freelance work, which has now become steady, even with the economy. From the prompting of other colleagues, Mike and I decided to develop Hitch Design Studios, which will be both a corporate and custom paper company. I have begun my own creative inspiration blog at:, serving to begin our company.

We have been very fortunate to meet some great people in the process of planning our wedding. They are young business owners like us and we have joined them at the ground level of a company which will be a Northern Michigan wedding web resource similar to The Knot or Clover and Bee. Our dream will be eventually doing a publication for Northern Michigan destination weddings. It is very exciting to be working with creative, fun and outgoing individuals who are similar to us. Though Mike and I never saw ourselves working in the wedding industry, we truly have gotten our dream jobs. We feel extremely blessed. In the future we are excited about having adventures and continuing to see where God takes us.

I think every student has times where they realize how their education has prepared them for where you are in life and where you see yourself heading. Mine was when I sat in a worship meeting trying to explain the reason God chose to send his Son to die for our sins. It was then that I realized the greatest thing Asbury equipped me with was my spiritual and theological strength. Most of my strength in faith was developed from professors investing and encouraging me to keep my spiritual life first. They emphasized to never second guess my beliefs, no matter what. That has been huge for me. I never thought that I would move somewhere in the U.S. where I would be in a true mission field. My theology and spiritual life have been challenged on so many occasions while being a part of planting a church with my parents. It is scary sometimes to see the devil working in people’s hearts through false truths and teachings. I have realized my Biblical and theological knowledge is immense from the classes I have taken and my morals and ethics will remain true because of my understanding that I have gained from these classes. It is a wonderful gift to have a solid understanding of my faith during a time of significant change in a world full of the lost. No other school than Asbury could have prepared me better for what I now face weekly.

After being out for almost a year now, the experiences I had while at Asbury in the Media Communications department were also where I learned a level of professionalism that I have not recognized in other people freshly out of school. The expectation for dress on campus and the situations I was placed in classes like Special Events Class and Interactive II truly taught me to have a high expectation for my work, my presentation and myself. That is something I do not think I would have learned if I had not been at Asbury.

My best times at Asbury were spent in Corbitt. My friends there were some of the closest I have ever had. We knew how to work together and have a real blast at the same time. I would go back in a heartbeat to be hanging out with all my friends. There is nothing like pumping out DVD menus with Ben Greenhoe ’08 at 3 a.m. I miss all those times in Corbitt, along with all my friends from the round table and my professors who truly invested in me as a designer, Christ-follower and as a person.

lisa10.jpgLisa Sato ’09 Dault

A week after I graduated from college, I got married to the most wonderful man alive, David Dault ’07 and we moved to Vermilion, Ohio, where we both worked at a Christian Missionary Alliance summer camp.
After the summer we moved to Branson, Mo. where we are currently studying at the Kanakuk Institute. The Institute is a year-long, condensed seminary program where we get master credits through John Brown University and Dallas Theological Seminary. I am also working part-time at Bob Evans’ waiting tables and am serving in a very intensive internship with a local church. After getting married, moving twice and going back to school, we are expecting a baby in March!

I learned how to work with people when I was at Asbury. Participating with groups like the WGM Cabinet taught me how to get things done in an organized, yet fun way. I loved my roommates! I loved sharing life with them and getting to know them better. I miss the community. There is definitely no place like Asbury.

Heidi Heater

After graduating from Asbury College this past spring, I began working for the Jessamine County 911 Center in June 2009. I love every minute of it. The 911 Center answersheidi1.jpg all 911 calls in the county, as well as the administrative lines. After taking the calls for service, we dispatch the appropriate agencies, whether it is the police, the fire department or Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

In the telecommunications center, we say that our job is hours of boredom, followed by minutes of sheer terror. I can attest to the truth of this statement from personal experience. But this is what I love about my job. I love being the first line of defense against tragedy in the community, providing aid to callers through pre-arrival instructions prior to a physical responder’s arrival. I love being the calm voice that people talk to, but never see, on what is possibly the worst day of their lives. I love working with responders in the field to provide them with the information they need to perform their jobs effectively and safely. I love the camaraderie that is shared among telecommunicators and responders of our common goal of protecting and serving the public.

As a new telecommunicator, I completed eight weeks of in-house training at the Jessamine County 911 Center. However, in order to obtain a state certificate in telecommunications, I attended the Department of Criminal Justice Safety Academy at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) for four and a half weeks. There, I enjoyed meeting telecommunicators from around the state and learning ideas and techniques that will make me a more competent telecommunicator. At EKU, the instructors challenged us with the importance of our job, but also reminded us that our jobs are only important because we hold another person’s life in our hands. As I realized the truth of their words, I was challenged and humbled by the trust the community and my responders place in me to be knowledgeable and communicate vital information effectively and clearly to aid them as they too protect and serve.

My journalism and creative writing degree from Asbury College has played an important role in my ability to do my job well. Some may ask what a journalism degree has to do with taking 911 calls and dispatching responders to the correct address. However, gathering the necessary information from a caller demands who, what, where, when, why, how and, at times, persistence. While I may not write a story about the incident for publication in a newspaper, the information gathered paints a verbal picture of the situation responders are facing. The more in depth my details and descriptors, the better my responders can prepare prior to arrival and react once on the scene. The knowledge I gained in class has helped me not only gather this information from callers, but to clearly transfer that information to responders, allowing all of us to effectively do our jobs.

leah10.jpgLeah Riley

After graduation, I moved back to Harrodsburg, Ky. I spent the summer interviewing with state and local government. In the midst of my job search, I attended several weddings. I traveled to North Carolina twice to witness the nuptials of dear Asbury friends and enjoy a family vacation for my cousin’s destination wedding on the Outer Banks. And, I was the flutist at two weddings of high school friends and attended another two Kentucky weddings of Asbury friends.  As my restlessness and discouragement escalated at equal pace without finding a job, God revealed His faithfulness.

In August 2009, I accepted a position with the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection in Frankfort, Ky. We provide consumers an avenue to file complaints against state businesses or corporations. Through a mediation process, our office seeks to resolve issues and provide restitution to the consumer. In service to my fellow Kentuckians, I am learning to be a smart consumer, which has been an unexpected plus. In October, I made the big move of 30 miles to Lexington and am sharing an apartment with my Asbury roommate, Sarah McQueen ’09.
Asbury gave me a solid Christian education and a foundation on how to live and grow in Christ. I truly miss the Asbury community and the relationships I formed there. Luckily for me, many of my Asbury friends are in the Lexington area and we continue to support each other in continued education, new careers and just hanging out.
My favorite Asbury memories are the January 2009 Ice Storm and Senior Chapel. The Aldersgate apartments lost electrical power during the storm, and Dustin Pugel ’09 and his family graciously offered their basement to me and my roommates. We showered, slept and subsisted as nomads for a few days. Then, the Consecrated Class rendition of “Joyful, Joyful” and singing our class hymn: “Take My Life and Let It Be” at Senior Chapel represented the true spirit of Asbury for me. I give kudos to Emily Barlage ’09 for her awesome choreography to “Joyful, Joyful.” It was fun to perform. And as our Senior chapel concluded with our class hymn, my heart swelled with pride as I joined my classmates singing to the Lord together one last time.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from other members of the Class of 2009. If you are a member of the Consecrated Class and would like to send us your update, contact Joey Nunez at