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By Leah Riley, a senior from Harrodsburg, Ky.

WILMORE, KY—The selection committee for the Asbury Initiative Grant for Servant Leadership announces the awardees for the 2009 summer.

This summer the Asbury Initiative Grant program will send students to several different countries for 6 to 8-week all-expenses paid, international internship. The program is available to juniors, seniors, and graduating seniors to perform volunteer service in the areas of international community, social and economic development, public wellness and treatment, literacy and education, and other public services in developing countries.
The internships provide Asbury College students with valuable experiences outside the classroom, which may motivate them to consider careers in international service.

2009 Asbury Initiative Grant Recipients:

  • Nathaniel Adams ’09, Argentina
  • Chelsea Bailey ’10, Zambia
  • Amy Briggs ’09, Ghana
  • Heidi Buell ’11, Honduras
  • Dustin Burkhart ’10, Thailand
  • Kyle Cope ’11, China
  • Hannah DeLange ’09, Indonesia
  • Blake Engelhardt ’10, Dominican
  • David Esarey ’10, Thailand
  • Marie Giezendanner ’11, India
  • Kerena Gonzalez ’10, Uganda
  • Reika Oda ’10, Laos
  • Lorna Phillips ’09, Indonesia
  • Lydia Rubino ’10, Laos
  • Emily Shetler ’10, Uganda
  • Samantha Stearns ’10, Philippines
  • Christina Sutherland ’10, China
  • Jamie Wade ’10, India
  • Leslie West ’10, Thailand

In it’s sixth year, the grant has sent 77 students to developing countries all over the world. The grants provide each recipient with up to $10,000 to cover their travel, lodging, food, lost wages and other expenses. Participants do not receive academic credit; however, the internship can be used to fulfill the cross-cultural experience general education requirement. Participants are required to give a public presentation about the experience within three months after the completion of the internship. For more information, visit

Established in 2003, the Initiative Grant started with a pledge of $1 million from Phyllis McRoberts ’53 West and her husband, Stephen R. West, in honor of the life and ministry of Ernest M. Steury, M.D. ’53 and Mrs. Jennie Sue Groce Steury ’54. For more information, contact Rev. Esther Jadhav or Dr. Mark Troyer.