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Dr. Linda StratfordWILMORE, KY—Dr. Linda Stratford is scheduled to speak at one of five pre-conference events at Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship’s Following Christ 2008 conference in Chicago Dec. 27-28.

Stratford, chair of the Asbury College art department, will discuss The Portinari Altarpiece, the largest Flemish altarpiece ever made. In the 15th century, the chapel of Santa Maria Nuova used this picture to provide support for the weak, wounded or dying. Stratford believes that works of art continue to speak to people today.

“This work of art, which will speak to those of us on a journey, takes us through the paths of Mary, Ruth, the Samaritan Woman, Mary Magdalene and the woman caught in the act of adultery, culminating in the central figure of the Christ Child and Messianic hope,” Stratford said.

Stratford looks forward to speaking about this work of art at the conference.

“Time spent with works of art nurtures our ability to embrace willingly and openly the seat of emotions, returning to an unassuming state before God,” Stratford said.

Following Christ 2008 is a conference for graduate students, faculty and professionals. This conference is designed to help you flourish as a follower of Christ and to help professionals flourish in their field.

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