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By Heidi Heater, a sophomore from Jackson, Ky.

WILMORE—Asbury College hosts Holiness Emphasis Week March 26-30. The speakers include Majors Richard and Janet Munn of The Salvation Army, Dr. Al Coppedge of Asbury Theological Seminary and Dr. Glen Spann, a professor of history at Asbury College.

Services in Hughes Auditorium are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m., Monday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and Wednesday from 9:00-10:00 p.m. All services are free and open to the public.

Major Richard Munn holds degrees from St. Luke’s College, Exeter, Asbury Theological Seminary and Gordon Theological Seminary. He currently serves at the USA Eastern Territorial Headquarters as Secretary for Program and Ambassador for Prayer and Spiritual Formation. He is the executive officer for the New York Staff Band. Munn has written articles for Good News, The War Cry, The Officer and The Journal of Aggressive Christianity.

Major Janet Munn is an officer of The Salvation Army and currently serves as the Ambassador for Prayer and Spiritual Formation for the USA Eastern Territory. She is a graduate of Asbury College, The Salvation Army School for Officer Training and Greenville College. She was ordained as an officer in The Salvation Army in 1987. Her roles include preaching, conducting Bible studies, discipling and spiritual formation.

Dr. Al Coppedge is the Beeson Professor of Christian Theology at Asbury Theological Seminary and teaches in the areas of Wesley studies and systematic theology. He holds degrees from Emery University, University of Edinburgh, Asbury Theological Seminary and University of Cambridge in England. Coppedge has written or coauthored several publications including John Wesley in Theological Debate, In His Image: A Workbook on Scriptural Holiness and Portraits of God: A Biblical Theology of Holiness, The Biblical Principles of Discipleship. He is working with a team of scholars to produce a new Wesleyan systematic theology. Dr. Coppedge is the president of The Barnabas Foundation, Inc., an organization for the development of discipleship ministries.

Dr. Glen Spann holds degrees from Asbury College, Asbury Theological Seminary and The Johns Hopkins University. Spann is an associate professor of history at Asbury College and pastor of High Bridge Union Church, High Bridge, Ky. He is a frequent preacher and Bible teacher at camp-meetings and revivals and serves on the Steering Committee for UMAction. He is a scholar-evangelist on the Francis Asbury Society and has written articles on subjects in American religious history for publication in various sources.