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WILMORE, KY—In Chapel services Friday, February 10, 2006, after the four days of prayer, praise and worship, junior Matt reminded everyone to take what they learned, discovered and experienced this week and share it.

godunscripted06.jpgHe said, “This can’t be confined to four walls. Take this back to your home churches this weekend. God is so much bigger than this.”

Rev. Richard Gaines from the Consolidated Baptist Church in Lexington was the guest speaker this morning. He said, “We must be a people of prayer and this is a direct result of somebody spending time on bended knees. God is up to something. God is moving. God is doing great things.”

Arthur of Ireland, summed up the week, saying, “It’s an experience that’s indescribable. This entire week was freedom in Christ…like God unscripted. God just came in and took over.”

There are dozens of stories of renewed spirits, relinquished hearts and changed lives.

One such story revolves around two brothers, who are now two brothers in Christ. Junior Andrew phoned home to Pennsylvania Tuesday evening to tell his family about the happenings at Asbury College, asking his older brother Joe, 22, to join him.

Joe said, “Up until he called, I had been feeling empty…like a complete zombie, dead. I knew I needed change.” Joe agreed to make the trip to the College and found what he had been seeking after. Thursday evening, he asked Christ into his life and into his heart.

“I have felt more love and more alive than I have in a while…like a new person.”

Andrew said, “Everyone has been praying for him. It’s just been incredible.”

The Asbury College community would like to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragement. God is on the move.

Please be in prayer for our students helping to broadcast the Olympics in Torino, Italy.