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Meet the Expert: Dr. Duk Lee

August 2, 2015 — When Asbury University alumni return to campus for Reunion, one of the things they say goes something like, “When I came to class, I knew I wasn’t just another student to my professor. He knew me, he challenged me, and I’m better at what I do now because he knew what he was talking about.” In an ongoing web series this fall, Asbury will feature just a few of the faculty at Asbury who are making a difference in both their subject areas and their classrooms.

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Meet the Expert: Emily Walsh ’98

August 1, 2015 — Management and accounting are disciplines often associated with corporate culture and secular values. Asbury University Assistant Professor Emily Walsh’s perspective on these subjects is both deeply spiritual and universally practical.

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Meet the Expert: Dr. Ben Brammell

August 1, 2015 — In the world of higher education, there is often a sharp distinction made between schools with “teaching” faculty and schools with “research” faculty. At Asbury University, Biology Professor Dr. Ben Brammell is making such differences “statistically insignificant.” Brammell’s research involves gauging the impact of aquatic environmental contaminants by measuring changes in fish communities in Kentucky’s waterways. With student participation, Brammell combines high-tech methods, such as real-time PCR to measure levels of mRNA expression in aquatic animals, with old-fashioned legwork in the creeks and streams near Asbury’s Wilmore, Ky. campus.