The Highbridge Film Festival is dedicated to expressing and exploring the human condition through the power of the visual story. We place special value on the ultimate spiritual truths illustrated through the struggles, joys, tragedies and the miracles we as people all experience. Although we are open to diverse interpretations of this human experience, we will focus on stories that avoid being gratuitously and explicitly violent or obscene. Entries are judged by film industry professionals.

Each year, the festival acceptance committee, made up of faculty from the Asbury University Media Communication department, make roughly 12-15 festival selections from dozens of entries. The committee receives entries from Asbury University students and from high school students, many of whom are future Asburians themselves. While entries are selected, students in the department also promote and produce the festival, which is held in late Spring each year.

Selected films are screened for the 1200+ member audience in Hughes Auditorium, judged by film industry professionals, and prizes are awarded for technical and narrative skills. The festival culminates yearly in a formal reception, where audience members can meet the filmmakers, faculty, judges, and special guests. The festival is sponsored every year by local and national vendors.

The Highbridge Film Festival exists to inspire, promote and support creative storytelling for young people around the world who still have more stories to tell.